Serving Lewes fine food for the past 3 years has been fun, exciting and a joy for our family of chefs. As the town grows and changes, so do we. Starting this month, we begin a month long hiatus for renovations of our interior space and our menu. When we re-open our focus will be big flavors on small plates that encourage folks to sit down with family and friends, relax, share local food and handcrafted cocktails. As always at the Gate House, we want you to eat, drink and socialize in an extension of the family dining room. See you soon!

Gates Family is on TV!!!!!!!

All in the Family

Guy Fieri invites a family of four chefs to go head-to-head in a fun-filled face-off for big bucks and bragging rights! First, the family members are forced to make a hot lunch using only five pounds of ingredients. Next, family members serve up their best noodle dish using the goofy ingredients they get from a gumball machine. Finally, it's kin against kin as the last two chefs make their family favorite dish using ingredients from either the odd- or even-numbered aisles.